Sourcing SPAD Materials in the U.K.


1) Fuselages (Drainpipe)(Gutter pipe in the USA)

I've found there are various thicknesses of pipe from 1.3mm to 4mm around so be carefull as the 2mm or greater are very heavy (I speak from experience - Cosmick-1 for example). Use the 1.3mm.

Note that a springy wire undercarriage has proved to be ideal for this Fuse as the undercarriage tends to bend before the Fuse breaks. A pine firewall has also proved ideal, as the wood tends to break rather than the Fuse.

From Homebase  DIY branches (I use Loudwater) ;

White 1.3mm thick Fuse 65mm x 65mm

– brand name Hunter Squareflo PVC Rainwater 65mm x 1.3mm

Cost approx. 6.00 for an 8ft length. (4 + 30 inch fuses)


2) Correx

Called Coroplast in the USA, this material is available from Signwriters all over the U.K. Unfortunately, it tends to be sold in off-cuts on which they make a tidy profit. So why not go to the Distributors and get it at Trade price ? First of all it comes in 8ft x 4ft sheets which suits me but may not suit everyone.Secondly, it usually has to be delivered to a Business address.

Europoint Display – 3mm/4mm/4.5mm/6mm (Correx Trade name is "Euroflute")


Conditions :- No minimum order level. One off orders and credit card payments no problem. Price includes delivery. Has to be delivered to a Business address (daytime only).

Pricing Indication :- 4mm 8ft x 4ft(1220mm x 1220mm) - any colour - 7.40 per sheet

Colours :- Black/Blue/Green/Red/White/Light Yellow


Haven't found a cheap 2mm supplier yet.


3) Aluminium

1"x 1" x 1/16 X 36" Aluminium Square Tube

3.00 per ft. Shipping 4.27

Mail Order Metals

0115-9748211 or


4) Undercarriages

Carbon Composites - ideal for Funflys where wire cannot go (well it can, but only for a while).

Haven't broken one yet, despite trying hard.


5) Wing Spars (called Yardsticks in USA)

Homebase or Focus DIY.

25mm by 4mm by 95inches approx. "pine stripwood" stick - cost 0.50p.

(This height gives a superb symmetrical airfoil with 4mm Coro for DPS or Debonair)

Have also tried a 17mm (height spar for my modified Dagger which speeds up the plane and just seats the airfoil servo.

If cut to 47" can get two wing spars from 1 stick.


HPDE Cutting Board for SPAD3DT

HPDE "Cutting Board" – Woolworths or similar 7/16 or " thick.

Must be the "solid" type – not the flexible ones.

Also makes good fuelproof Firewalls.


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